Industrial Filters Manufacturer

Filter Concept is
one of the leading manufacturer
and exporter of industrial filters


Cartridge Filter System
Cartridge Filter HousingDownload
Hygienic Filter HousingDownload

Catalyst Recovery SystemsDownload

Bag Filter SystemDownload
Bag Filter HousingDownload
Bag Vessel AssembliesDownload
Plastic Liner Bag Filter HousingDownload

FRP / GRP Filter SystemDownload

Basket Filter & StrainersDownload

Self Cleaning Filter
Auto Back Wash [Patent Pending]
Auto Back Flush [Patent Pending]Download
Disc Type [Patent Pending]Download
Scrapper Mechanism [Patent Pending]Download
Manual Disc FilterDownload
Automatic Disc FilterDownload

Filter Cartridges
Spun Bonded Filter CartridgeDownload
Wound Filter CartridgeDownload
Polypropylene Pleated CartridgeDownload
PTFE CartridgeDownload
Sintered Filter CartridgeDownload
PES (Poly Ether Sulphone) CartridgeDownload
Stainless Steel CartridgeDownload
Oil-Adsorbing CartridgeDownload
Resin-Bonded Filter CartridgeDownload
Carbon CartridgesDownload
Jumbo Pleated CartridgesDownload
PP Pleated Glass Fiber CartridgesDownload

Filter Bags - LiquidDownload
Felt BagsDownload
Mesh BagsDownload
Monofilament Mesh Filter BagsDownload
Extended life Felt BagsDownload
Extended life Mesh BagsDownload
Durable Felt BagsDownload
Oil Adsorbing BagsDownload
Absolute BagsDownload
Pleated Felt BagsDownload
Pleated Absolute Efficiency BagsDownload
Dual Flow BagsDownload
Carbon BagsDownload
Water Absorbent BagsDownload
Antistatic BagsDownload
Polypropylene pleated Oil Adsorbent BagsDownload

Pulse Jet Dust Collection SystemsDownload

Air Intake Filter SystemsDownload

Pleated Air Filters
Pleated Dust Collection BagDownload
PU Moulded BagsDownload
Pleated Dust Collection CartridgesDownload
Gas Turbine Air Intake FilterDownload

Compressor OEM Filters
Compressor FiltersDownload
Panel FiltersDownload
Hepa FilterDownload

Hydraulic & Lube Oil FilterDownload

Filter Bag - AirDownload
Dust Collection Non -woven BagsDownload
Sintered Multi Layer WiremeshDownload
Pocket FilterDownload

Compressed Air FilterDownload

Gas FilterDownload

Downloads Brochure

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