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Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges

Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges are made up of 100 % spun bonded polyester media, unlike pleated dust collection bag media with different coatings on it, as per the requirement of the applications. Construction-wise Pleated Dust Collection Bags & cartridges are similar. They differ only in variation of filtration area. Dust collectors’ manufacturers / OEMs can replace conventional tube bag with pleated dust collection bag & cartridges with just a few minor changes in the present equipment design. This polyester media is made-up of high-tenacity filament yarn without using any binding agent. Thus, the hard finished material is very stable against hot gas attack &are structurally durable. This unique & the hard finished material provides features of good pleat ability, high durability, and a uniquestructure of very fine filament yarn which offers high performance in filtration. Thermally tight bonded media provides better washability, excellent pleat ability, stable structure, fine dust release & good resistance to particle penetration into the media. The filter media is pleated in different pleated depths & heights to accommodate desired filtration area.

Pleated spun bonded polyester the filter media is placed in a cylindrical configuration with the support of a metal core & encapsulated with a metal end caps to form a pleated dust collection cartridge. The end caps are configured to mount as clean side or dirt side fitment. In the case of a metal caps these cartridges are supported with soft sponge rubber sealing to ensure positive sealing of the filter while fitment.

  • High filtration area up to 20 m2.
  • Universal fixing arrangements.
  • Open Pleat Spacing.
  • Very high air to cloth ratio.
  • Low consumption of compressed air (For Cleaning).
  • High efficiency due to Surface Filtration.
  • Very high filtration efficiency.

Filter media

  • Spun Bonded Polyester Media

Area weight of filter media

  • 170 gms/m2
  • 200 gms/m2
  • 260 gms/m2


  • PTFE coating for oil & moisture removal.
  • Aluminum coating for antistatic application.
  • Stainless steel coating for antistatic application.
  • Fire retardant coating.
  • PTFE lamination for very stick dust.



Sr. No.Diameter Of elementLength Of filter Element
1150 mm500 mm
2150 mm1000 mm
3150 mm1400 mm
4150 mm2000 mm
5225 mm500 mm
6225 mm1000 mm
7225 mm1400 mm
8225 mm2000 mm
9325 mm300 mm
10325 mm500 mm
11325 mm606 mm
12325 mm1000 mm
13325 mm1400 mm

Fitment configuration

  • Clean Side Fitment (Model: 2 & 3)
  • Dirt Side Fitment (Model : 1)

Filtration area

  • 0.96 m2 to 20.0 m2


Steel & Power
Powder coating
Shot Blasting
Metals & Minerals
Paints & Pigments



Pleated Dust Collection CartridgeM1- Model – 1150 x 500A – FCI 170
M2- Model – 2150 x 1000B – FCI 200
M3- Model – 3150 x 1400C – FCI 200 + PTF
150 x 2000D – FCI 200 + Alu
225 x 500E – FCI 260
225 x 1000F – FCI 260 + PTF
225 x 1400G – FCI 260 + ALU
225 x 2000H – FCI 260 + Alu + PTF
325 x 500I – FCI 260 PTFE + LAM
325 x 606
325 x 1000
325 x 1400
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