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High Flowment Cartridges

PP Pleated and glass fiber cartridges are designed for higher filtration area & high throughput. It has a 6 inch/152mm large diameter, is a coreless, single open-ended structure with an inside-to-outside flow pattern. Due to its large diameter with a big filter area, it requires lesser elements for a given flow rate than the standard cartridges diameter. Due to lesser elements, the Filter vessels’ size workout is smaller, resulting in lower capital investment and installation costs, as well as reduced operating costs.

  • Easy to dispose of due to its unique coreless design.
  • Minimize the overall size of filter housing due to its high throughput.
  • Absolute rated filtration efficiency.
Filter mediaPleated glass fiber, Pleated depth Polypropylene(PP)
Support / DrainagePolypropylene(PP)
End capGlass fiber reinforced Polypropylene
O-ring sealEPDM, NBR
Sizes20.69 “(525mm), 40.69”(1033mm), 60.69 “(1541mm)
Micron Rating1, 4.5, 6, 10,20,40,70,100 Microns
Outside Diameter6 inch(152mm)
Maximum Operating Temperature
Pleated glass fiber121°C
Pleated PP82°C


Maximum Differential Pressure
Pleated glass fiber2.4 bar (g) at 120°C
Pleated PP2.4 bar (g) at 80°C


Suggested maximum Flow of water
20.69 inch length660LPM
40.69 inch length1300LPM
60.69 inch length1900LPM
  • Prefiltration of RO, Pretreatment of seawater desalination.
  • Condensate water filtration, hot water recovery in power generation.
  • API, solvents, and water filtration in BioPharm market.
  • The filtration of bottled water, high Fructose, edible oil, soft drinks, and milk.
  • Paints and coatings, Petrochemical, Refineries.
  • Microelectronics, film, fiber, and resin.
  • Aviation Turbine Fuel, High sulfur diesel fuel ( HSD), etc.
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