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Basic Of Filtrations

The filtration is the process to remove suspended solids from any fluid. The fluid passes through the filter media and the clear fluid obtained is called the filtrate. The solid that remains in the filter paper is called the residue. The purpose of this process is basically to remove solids from the fluid to make the material more useful. In some cases, filtrate is important and in some cases solids are important.

In a study, the observation was made that for almost any industry majority of component replacements or “loss of usefulness” is due to surface degradation. Particles generated as a result of abrasive wear are work hardened; thus, they become harder than the parent surface. If these particles are not removed by proper filtration, they will recirculate and cause additional wear and tear. This “chain reaction of wear and tear” would continue and result in premature system component failure unless high-performance filtration is applied to break the chain.

Thus, filters are used in almost all industries like

Water Treatment

Steel Industries


Diary, Food & Beverages


Edible Oil

Pharma & Biotech


Paints & Inks

Aerospace, Defence & Marine







Oil & Gas

Dyes & Intermediates





Pulp & Paper

Sugar Industry

What advantage does a filter system actually provide?

  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Extension of service life of the machines.
  • No clogging of pipe lines and fittings.
  • High quality surfaces on machine parts.
  • Better maintenance of tolerances on machine part.
  • Lower reject quota.
  • Better health for operators, because clean coolant is less aggressive to skin.
  • Less machine down-time because they remain cleaner and require less cleaning.


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