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Oil Adsorbing Bags

Oil Adsorbing bags are widely used for onshore and offshore applications. They are precisely made to remove suspended an oil from water and other liquids. It has been observed that in any application after oil schemer, there is a certain amount of an oil is still left within the stream and that fine an oil particles can trap within an oil adsorbing filter bags. They are made from carefully developed fibers which are responsible to retain an oil droplets within the bags that do not come out even at high differential pressure. Like other bags, they are designed for high differential pressure across the filter, enhanced dirt holding capacity and to retain high amount of suspended an oil within it. Oil adsorbing bag can remove more than 90% of suspended an oil in a single pass itself.

  • Easy for Installation : Its SDS Seal easily fits within the cage.
  • Double Seal : Double seals to prevent liquid bypass.
  • Pressure Seal : Much advanced than traditional design; mechanical seal design.
  • Collapse Free : Thick wall design to resist deformation under excessive pressure.
  • Universal Compatibility : Fits and seals in most brands of standard bag housings.
  • Heavy duty oil adsorbing capability, adsorbs trace oil up to twenty-three times of adsorbents dry weight.
  • Exclusively FDA compliant ultra fine Polypropylene micro fiber media. 100% free of silicon contamination.
  • Multiple layer depth media composite.
  • Trace oil removal & contaminants retention dual-performance.
  • 1 ~ 100 micron range, nominal rating..
  • Patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings
  • Wide chemical compatibilities.
  • Fiber migration & extractable free media treatment.
  • Large contaminant retention capacities, extended service lives.
  • Change-out differential pressure 0.10 MPa, Max. 0.16 MPa.
  • FCIPPAB – Polypropylene Microfiber Oil Adsorbent Bags.
Auto coating & paint Water purification & processing
PharmaceuticalFood & beverage
Filter Area


Housing Used
Size 1PolypropyleneMicrofiberWelded/Stitched4201800.258.0FCISBF-M-717S1/S2/S3
Size 2PolypropyleneMicrofiberWelded/Stitched8201800.5017.5FCISBF-M-732S1/S2/S3
Size 3PolypropyleneMicrofiberWelded/Stitched5101000.091.5FCISBF-M-620S1/S2/S3
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