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Separator / Knock-Out Drum

Separator / Knock-Out Drum is used to separate the liquid & vapors in any application. The vessels are design tangential inlet which allows to “scrub out” the vapors/liquid in gas application.Here, the liquid collects at the bottom of the vessel while the gas flows upstream. Demister pads are provided to increase filtration efficiency. We also provide the level indicator that indicates the level of liquid present in the vessel.

  • High flow rate.
  • High efficiency due to tangential design & provision of demister pad.
  • Reduction in downtime & maintenance.
  • Easy to install & remove.
  • Easy to install.
  • ASME code stamp available.
  • SS 316, SS 304, MS/CS
  • Natural gas filtration
  • CNG & LPG Gas filtration
  • Oxygen Gas
  • Nitrogen Gas
  • • H2S Gas (The number ‘2’ has to be at bottom of ‘H’ for proper presentation of the chemical equation)
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