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Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter cartridges are designed with the latest design that are reliable for air intake applications. They ensure highly efficient filtration of dust particles and other contaminants even in the most polluted environment. Normally these are made of a mixture of polyester & cellulose and sometimes 100% polyester media. These media have much better pleat ability & dimensional stability. Pleated filter media offers high filtration efficiency, very fine retention level, easy cleanability & aesthetically good product compared to other normal filter media.

  • Easy to clean.
  • All polyester materials are washable.
  • High flow efficiency.
  • High Air to cloth ratio.
  • Large spacing.
  • Cleanable without damaging filter media.
  • Retrofit for most standard makes.

Filter media

  • Mixture of Cellulose & Polyester Media.
  • 100 % spun bonded polyester.


  • Cylindrical.
  • Conical.


Sr. No.Diameter Of elementLength Of filter Element
1325 mm647 mm
2325 mm660 mm
3325 mm673 mm
4445 mm660 mm
  • All types of air intake applications.
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