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Sintered (Non – Metallic) Filter Cartridges

Sintering is a process for making articles from its base material in powder format.They are made by mixing elemental or alloy powders and compacting the mixture in a die, the resultant shapes are then sintered or heated in a controlled atmosphere furnace to bond the particles. Sintering is traditionally used for manufacturing ceramic objects and after that it is used for filtration application.

Due to sintering process, particles join with each other and form a porous structure which allow any fluid, air or gas to pass through it without disturbing its structure. This structure is robust in nature to handle particle above stipulated micron rating. These elements are back washed some time for cleaning purpose to remove deposited particle load. Also, these sintered solid filters are able to withstand very high differential pressure across the filters.

  • Made of single base material, hence free from any binder.
  • Specific Pore size distribution due to sintering process.
  • Withstand very high differential pressure.
  • High void volume compared to conventional sintered material.
  • Easy to clean & back wash.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.
Sizes 10”, 20”,30”40” Long
Micron Rating 1, 5, 10 , 25, 50 , 100 Micron
Outer Diameter 64 mm , 70 mm
Inner Diameter 28 mm , 40 mm

Double Open Type (DOE Type)

  • Sintered Polypropylene
  • Sintered Polystyrene
  • Sintered Acrylonitrile
  • Sintered Ceramic
  • Sintered Polyethylene
Compressed air filtration
Gas filtration
Fine Chemicals Solvents, Process Streams, Water Purification
Magnetic coating Dispersions, Coating Lines, Solvents
Petrochemicals Water flood, Comletion Fluids, Amines
Cosmetics Alcohols, Essential oils , Water lines
Water Treatment membrane Protection, Resin Trap
Metal Finishing Plating solution, paint and resin products,Wash
Electronics Electroplating, Etching, Image development
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