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Carbon Bags

Carbon bags are designed to remove color and odor from all types of fluids. though they are widely used for water, edible oil and certain pharmaceutical applications. These bags are made of non-woven needle felt fabrics, which has been filled with high iodine value activated carbon to remove chlorine, odor, asbestos, led, mercury and other types of heavy metal and toxic organic chemicals. They are stitched as well as ultrasonically fused for dual strength and durability. Unlike other bags they are designed for high differential pressure across the filter and higher throughput through the filter bag.

  • Effective removal of chlorine, odor, asbestos, mercury, lead & other types of heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals.
  • Promote catalytic reduction of chlorine disinfectants.
  • Loose carbon fill without using binder 100% carbon surface exposure, low velocity and longer liquid contact time.
  • Extra large volume of carbon fill. A size 2 bag contains 5 kg of highly porous & uniformly activated coconut shell carbon tablets.
  • High absorption speed: 180 times faster than extruded carbon block.
  • Low pressure drop, large carbon contact surface with water, low velocity, longer contact time and improved adsorption performance.
  • Dual functionalities: Not only for impurity absorption, but also for contaminant particle retention.
  • Exclusively FDA compliant media.
  • 1 ~ 100 micron range, nominal rating.
  • Patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings.
  • Flow rate #1 bag @ 6 MT/Hr Max., #2 bag @ 12 MT/Hr Max.
  • Change-out differential pressure 0.12 MPa, Max. 0.25 MPa.
  • Iodine rating 1,000 mg/g
  • Iodine adsorption efficiency > 99.9%
  • Methylene rating 195 mg/g
  • Methylene Blue de-colorization > 160 mg/g
  • Benzene adsorption capacity > 30%
  • CTC adsorption > 75%
  • PH rating 7~9
  • Chemically compatible to strong acid and alkali
  • Low flammability
  • FCIACBX:Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Bags
  • Water purification & removal of cyanide, fluoride, chlorine, organic  chloride, TCE, ions, microbes, bacteria, odour, etc. Widely used in bottled  water and beverage processing, liquor processing and Pharmaceutical  liquid de-coloring, etc
  • Waste water treatment & removal of heavy metal, inorganic/ organic  compound, dyes, chloroform, PCBs, phenol, dactyl phthalate, Cr (VI); also  change Au(III)-AU, Ag+-Ag, Pt(VI)-Pt++, Hg++-Hg+, Fe(III)-Fe++, etc.  Reclaiming of benzoic compounds, ketonic compounds, esters, alcohol  compounds, petrol compounds, precious metals, VOCs and BTEXs. Liquid purification in paint, auto, electronics,semiconductors, synthetic fiber,  chemical, petrol-chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical industries, etc. Gas purification & removal of SOx, NOx, H2S, etc.
Filter Area


Housing Used
Size 1Coconut ShellPPWelding4201800.258.0FCISBF-M-717S1/S2/S3
Size 2Coconut ShellPPWelding8201800.5017.5FCISBF-M-732S1/S2/S3
Size 3Coconut ShellPPWelding5101500.251.5FCISBF-M-620S1/S2/S3
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