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Hygienic Filter Housing

Hygienic filter housing is manufactured from 316 stainless steel of the highest quality. These are suitable for a variety of liquid filtration applications designed to fit standard 222 O’ Rings & 226 O’ Ring cartridges. They have an integral bayonet locator providing an efficient seal between the hygienic and cartridge. Depending on their type The hygienic filter housing is available in 1, 3, 5 and 12 round configurations and in 10″, 20″, 30″ and 40″ length cartridge. Its The hygienic design ensures low product hold up & reduces product loss.


Contaminated fluid enters the housing and is distributed evenly around the filter cartridges. Filtration takes place from outside to inside. Solids are collected on the outside of filter cartridges & clear filtrate is collected at outlet.

  • Integral cartridge location.
  • Low product hold-up.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Steam sterilisable.
  • EPDM seals / silicone.
  • Quick release housing clamp.
  • Hygienic clamp pipe fittings.
  • Full range of sizes.

Hygienic filter housing can be steam sterilized in-situ in accordance with
cartridge parameters. All housings are supplied with support legs,
enabling free standing or in-line installation.

Material of ConstructionSS 316L (stainless steel SS 316 L)
ConnectionsHygienic clamp type
Surface treatmentMirror polished & electropolished
Cartridge fitting222 O’ ring / 226 O’ Ring (bayonet fit)
Maximumoperating pressure7 BARG (102 psig)
Housing closure sealEPDM / silicone O’ Ring for single cartridge EPDM / silicone square O’ Ring for multi cartridge
  • Alternative connection types are available such as Table-E, Table-F, ASA 150#, and DIN.
  • Standard seal materials are EPDM, Silicone or Viton options are available.
  • A full range of pipe accessories are available such as clamps, seals, ferrules and hose liners.
Electronics and Pharmaceutical Industries
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